Nimbus RPG

Last Updated: 13 January 2018

Character Creation Quick Reference


Nimbus is a pen and paper roleplaying game, similar to classic games like Dungeons and Dragons. If you’re here, I’m assuming you’re already familiar with RPGs and are looking for an alternative to classic systems, like Dungeons and dragons. The closest equivalent system I’ve found is the FATE system.

Nimbus is designed to have a minimal set of rules while remaining systematic enough to be a “game” rather than an acting exercise, as more hardcore RPG systems tend to be. If it’s working right, this is a system you can pull out on a whim and play without having to do much preperation.

Game Loop

  • Choose a setting
  • Create characters
  • Begin adventure
    • GM describes the current situation
    • Players declare their actions
    • GM announces the difficulty of the actions
    • Players may make a case to reduce the difficulty
    • Dice are rolled and success determined
    • GM describes the consequences

Picking a Setting

Nimbus is setting agnostic. The only limit is what the Game Master and players can imagine. You could have a historical adventure, playing through the events of some important moment in South African politics. Or, your could have your own version of Space Jam where the players have to face off against Michael Jordan and the Looney Toons.

There’s also nothing stopping the use of other game settings and scenarios. The only important part is picking something the GM and group find interesting.

Character Creation

Character creation, unlike traditional systems, is a group activity and just as much a part of ‘playing’ the game as the main loop. The required details of a character are:

  • Name
  • Defining personality trait
  • Defining personality flaw
  • Driving goal
  • Conflicting goal
  • Defining Strength/Skill
  • Defining Weakness/Shortcoming
  • Signature Ability

For a more detailed explanation and examples, refer to the character creation page.