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A base defense shooter in the vein of flash game classics like Elona Shooter and Defend Your Castle but with a satirical, political-sim twist. Shoot hordes of monsters, negotiate your operating budget, and navigate international rivalries, all for The Good of Humanity™️!


A short game I worked on with a team for a college class. It's a puzzle platformer with the goal to bring life to a dead world. It only consists of four puzzles, but all around I think it turned out pretty well for the < 7 weeks we had to work on it.

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A pen-and-paper RPG ruleset and accompanying Ancient Fantasy setting that I've been working on. The goal of the ruleset is to create an RPG that makes the narrative aspects of an RPG just as much of a game as the combat and exploration, but to do so in a way that doesn't make restricted in what they can do narratively.

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The rules themselves will include all of the actual design notes and intentions, but as an example, there's a mechanic called the "memory pull" in which the Game Master can make players play a very short card game to determine if their characters can understand or recall an important piece of information, and they get an advantage based on their characters' stats.