An exploration and environment puzzle based platformer I worked on in my Game Development class at University of Washington Bothell. Programmed and designed with my wonderful group members Arsany Azmy, Michael Ritchie, and Spencer Milner. Music by my brother, Colin McGwire.

Below is a link to the WebGL version of the game, hosted on itch.io. It is embedded at a resolution of 1280x720, requires a mouse and keyboard to play, and plays music by default. Touchpads are workable, but clunky.

Sprout on WebGL GitHub Repo

Main Contribution

I programmed the player controls and created the art, effects, and animations.

State of Development

Development of the game has more or less ended as we have all turned to other projects and jobs to pursue.

Prototype Local Coop RPG

I’ve been working on making a local coop game in the Unreal Engine in the vein of Monaco mixed with FTL. The goal of the project is work on familiarizing myself with the structure of the engine and practice good encapsulation methods.

It’s implemented in Unreal’s Blueprint system so that I can focus on the high level structure of everything without getting bogged down in code semantics.