Last Updated: 07 January 2018


Not a fan of wordy autobiographies, so here are some bullet points!

  • Bachelor in Computer Science and Software Engineering
  • Interested in creating interactive systems, like games
  • Currently work on messaging systems for a bank
  • Taught kids to program for a year and a half
  • I pretend that I’m a graphic designer
  • Design and host pen and paper RPG games
  • Mainly work in C# and C++ but I’m not picky
  • Created most of this site from scratch

Test Page

This is a test page


Worked on a few research projects in University. One in High Performance Computing, the other in Human Computer Interaction. Eventually I’ll have non-gaming, personal projects to put on the page as well. Eventually.

Nimbus RPG

A custom Pen and Paper RPG ruleset. It’s a lightweight system that prefers narrative context over stat lines to inform the game mechanics.


Mostly prototypes to tryout different systems and tools at this point. I’ve got a puzzle-platformer type game from a University team project. Quite happy with that. I also have a small, but playable networked multiplayer game.