Connor McGwire

Computer Scientist and Software Engineer


Brown Brother's Harriman - Infomediary Team

Oct 2017 - PresentFirst 2 years hired as consultant with FDM Group

  • Built and Supported Apache Camel based Enterprise Integration Systems
  • Supported legacy routing systems and assisted in modernization efforts
  • Built support tooling for managing a suite of applications across multiple servers
  • Created and consumed REST APIs for messaging systems and distributed applications
  • Worked with Angular based Web Apps for internal tooling
  • Integrated a variety of dev ops tools, like Jenkins, to create build and release workflows
  • Supported production releases and managed live client incidents
  • Wrote documentation on old and new systems and trained peers in development technology

University of Washington - Bothell Campus

Sep 2015 - June 2017

  • Bachelor of Science in Computer Science and Software Engineering
  • Participated in Undergraduate Research in Human Computer Interaction
    • Focus on investigating computer use in diagnosing and treating near vision issues
  • Carried out independent study in High Performance Computing
    • Focus on leveraging advances in General Purpose Graphics Processing Units
  • Took elective courses in Computer Vision and Signal Processing
  • Worked with a team to build a small game that was voted best in class

Coding With Kids

Dec 2015 - May 2017

  • Taught kids of all ages programming concepts and technologies
  • Conducted multiple after school courses and day camps both solo and with a small team
  • Contributed to the company's teaching curriculum and employee training

Game Development Hobby

  • Worked with a wide variety of tool kits and programming frameworks
    • like Unity + .NET, Unreal Engine, and several properietary development kits
  • Learned about creating and managing complex digital content
    • like 3D models, textures, and audio
  • Explored growing trends in software architecture and high performance computing
    • like Data Oriented and Composition Based systems or methods of managing data locality
  • Implemented a custom scripting language to improve a content workflow


Programming Languages

  • C# - Primary hobby language, hoping to make professional
  • Java/Kotlin/JVM - Primary professional language
  • HTML/CSS/JS - Frequent professional and hobby use
  • Typescript - Fair amount of professional and hobby use
  • C/C++ - First language. Not used frequently but willing to use more
  • Bash/*nix CLI - Frequent professional use
  • SQL - Never a focus but used frequently professionally
  • Python - Some experience from scattered projects
  • Rust - Dabbling in with an interest in professional use

Linux Based Systems

The primary target platform of my professional development work. Aware of many of its common concerns and very comfortable navigating and writing scripts for its shell based Command Line Interfaces.

Windows Based Systems

The platform I do most of my local testing, development, and day to day tasks on. Not as familiar with some of the core SDK libraries as I would like to be.

Apache Camel - Integration and Routing Framework

Leveraged Camel to implement message routing and transformation systems. Also used the library to host REST APIs for internal support tooling. Familiar with its core architecture and most of its common features.

Angular - JavaScript Framework

Used in my professional work to build web based UIs for internal tooling. Familiar with its core structure and concepts. Still learning its limits and best practice.

Vue - JavaScript Framework

Used in my personal web development projects. Learned in tandem with Angular to get a better sense of the strengths and weaknesses of both and a better understanding of modern web dev as a whole.

Maven - JVM Based Build Tool

Setup many, many project build schemes using Maven. Mostly for Java based projects, as was intended. Sometimes also for very much not Java based projects, as was probably not intended, but was stable and reliable enough.

Experienced with integrating into other CI systems, like remote build servers, unit test frameworks, and artifactories.

Spring Framework - JVM Application Framework

Built and managed several production applications using Spring's dependency injection, repository management, and web server features. Also toyed with its more recent Reactive Web library to create responsive services.

Unity 3D - Game Engine

Primary development tool for hobby projects. Very familiar with its .NET based scripting API and through that the many concerns involved with developing realtime, high performance applications. As well the benefits and tradeoffs of the different methods of inter-system communication.